The Club

Firecrest is a small, friendly club that offers a full range of training courses for the general aviation pilot. Since 1984, our highly experienced instructors have taken students from their first flight, through to their Private Pilots Licence and beyond. Some of our ex-students are now professional pilots themselves. With your internationally recognised PPL, you will be able to fly yourself and yur friends anywhere in the world.

After you have qualified, we offer continuation training for Night Flying, Radio Navigation, Instrument Flying (IMC Rating) and Twin Engine Rating. Firecrest has a comfortable clubhouse with briefing rooms, refreshment facilities, and extensive flight planning information is to hand. The Aero Club and a restaurant are located close by, which offer drinks in pleasant surroundings, with hot and cold food during the day and evening.

During the year, Firecrest arranges trips for club members to destinations within the UK and abroad. It is possible for student pilots to participate in these activities, as well as qualified pilots.